The Best Neighborhoods in St. Louis, Missouri for Families

Are you searching for the ideal neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri for your family? Look no further than Lindenwood Park and Skinker DeBalviere! These Southwest New Jersey and University City neighborhoods are the perfect spots for families who want a quieter, more suburban lifestyle. Not only do they boast low crime rates and affordable housing options ranging from brick bungalows to gingerbread houses, but they're also close to several private and exclusive schools, such as the South City Catholic Academy, the Gateway Academy of Sciences in St. Louis, the Mallinckrodt Academy of Instruction for the Gifted, St.

Roch and Hamilton Elementary School. When you're ready to explore, there's plenty to do in Lindenwood Park and Skinker DeBalviere. Tour the Missouri Botanical Garden and see art sculptures from different subject areas, such as the Children's Garden, the Japanese Garden, and the Linnean House. Let your furry friend run and play at the Shaw Dog Park.

Get a relaxing massage or try a yoga class at Align Massage & Yoga Studio. Go shopping at Bonboni Mercantile Co. and buy art prints, books, baby clothes, and more. Start your day with cold coffee, Moon Goddess Ubé milk tea, and 26% apple brie toast at Fiddlehead Fern Cafe.

Order food at the Five Aces Bar-B-Que, where you can try ribs, a Philadelphia smoked chicken, and smoked wings. Dine at Thurman's in Shaw and try Hoosier Gyro mortadella with smoked garlic. Try instant milkshake nitro ice cream flavors, such as Peanut Butter Chocolate, Cherry Cordial, and Rocky Road from Ices Plain & Fancy. For those looking for a safe place to raise their family in St.

Louis, look no further than Skinker DeBaliviere. The total crime rates in this suburb are 65 percent below the national average, and 73 percent lower than the Missouri state average.